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Our bold and dramatic Darling luxury mink lash, will make your eyes POP, adding beautiful dimension, while elongating the eye with a gradual increase in length. The full, fluffy appearance and wispy ends provides texture, with each lash softly flaring outwards for a dramatic, eye opening effect. Perfect for all-day wear! Our 5D lashes are premium-quality, lightweight, and all the craze! 

Style: Mid-length
Material: Real mink
Length: 5-13mm
Volume: 5D
Eye Shape: Round, Hooded, Monolid, Close-set
Includes: 1 pair of lashes, lash box

Important: Do not submerge your mink lashes in water. See the "Lash Care" dropdown of our Get Started tab to see how to care for your mink lashes. Always place your lashes back in their box after each use.